Terms & Conditions

Please note that all lessons start on the hour and are 50 minutes long. We recommend that all learners join ‘the space’ from the appointment dropdown at least 5-minutes before the lesson. Your tutor will be in the classroom with the camera and mic turned off. On the hour, they will turn the camera and mic on, and the lesson will start. 

The learner is encouraged to upload any documents or resources to the ‘Space’ (by clicking the “Join Space” link) before the lesson starts. This will help your tutor prepare fully for your lesson.

Parents, please note: if a learner is late or misses a lesson, we do not provide a refund for this late or missed lesson as your tutor is expected to remain in the classroom until the lesson comes to an end, regardless of whether the learner is there or not. 

Lessons cannot be cancelled. They can, however, be rescheduled. In order to reschedule a lesson, you are required to do so at least 4-hours prior to the start time of that lesson. Ie. if you wish to reschedule a lesson that is booked for 18:00, the latest you can do so is 13:59 on that day. 

All lessons are recorded and the recording is kept for 365 days. The learner is able to access their recordings through their LessonSpace profile, so long as they enter each ‘space’ or lesson using their email address. Only the learner, their tutor and the Top Tier Tutors team have access to these recordings.

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By proceeding, you acknowledge and accept the above mentioned Terms and Conditions.