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We strive to make every experience with Top Tier Tutors a good one. You’re welcome to spend some time reading through some of the wonderful feedback we’ve received from parents throughout our journey.


Sasha enjoys Bongeka so much, really shows too. Look, I don't understand a thing she is saying when she explains her school work - but I can feel and hear her surety and confidence when she speaks. It's made a a huge difference.


Saajidah is very accommodating and tries different methods to ensure Trinique gets the concepts of the topic they are learning.


Baden really enjoys his sessions with Bongeka. He doesn't get frazzled when you mention the word Maths or when I ask him about how it's going. He's much more confident, and yes, its only been a short while but it has helped and still helps him SO much.


I know quite a few people who make use of Top Tier Tutors and boy oh boy are people raving about the results. Good going we appreciate the service.


We have had another successful year with our tutor, Sarah. Thank you for your amazing service.


Hannah is an amazingly astute and caring young lady.


For boarding school parents, it’s a WIN!


Faith and Chelsi been a great help to Cass this term. Both go out of their way to get to her at Rustenburg. Her marks have improved drastically.


Hannah was an amazing support to Markus. We are very grateful.


My son had Brad for Maths on Saturday. He was such a help and went beyond the session by sending my son further notes on some of the questions. We’re really impressed with him and would recommend him to anyone else. My boys always feel so much more confident after seeing him. So, thank you.


Thank you so much for the brilliant service. Sammy loved Zaakirah.


Qasif has his work cut out for him – but it is going extremely well at the moment. Thank you both so much!


Many thanks, Kirstyn and Tokelo. The fruits of their work together is already showing, I’m delighted to report!!


Jesse is loving Jade. She is extremely thorough and the two separate lessons are making a huge difference to him and his concentration. Thank you.


Emily is amazing and has an excellent way of motivating Adam. She has really up-skilled and made a positive impact in his life and clearly the results speak! Please extend our gratitude for this gem you have as part of your team of tutors!


I have to say, Jade is wonderful. Nicolas has a very good connection with her. I am so glad. She is always very well prepared, she sends notes and her calm way works very well with Nicolas.


This gentleman, Jason, is a star and we absolutely love the Math energy he brings with our son. Zaid went from being a 30% achiever to 60% being the latest tests results. One of the big changes that happened was the trust between the two of them, Zaid is working more on his maths than ever before and Jason is loving seeing the improvement and is pushing him harder. Jason is punctual, accommodating with time and overall a lovely respectful person. I love that Jason plans and preps for his lessons with Zaid without involving us at all and gives a detailed report back after every lesson. Jason has the makings of making it big in the corporate world.