Congratulations on progressing to the next stage of the application process.

In order to complete your online profile, we are going to need some details from you.

Please could you write and submit a short, and long bio about yourself for the website. Please also send through a photo to be used as your profile picture. You are welcome to have a look at some of the active profiles of our tutors as a guideline –

Your bio is your way of marketing yourself to potential families, so feel free to get creative and use a picture that is representative of your personality. The short bio will be seen on the ‘Our Tutor’s’ page and is a maximum of 150 characters. The long bio is seen when a user views your specific tutor profile and is a maximum of 1 000 characters. You can use the following tool to help you with character count:

All tutors are required to teach with a wired headset, one that plugs into your computer using an AUX connection. The headset needs to have an over the ear fit and an adjustable, noise cancelling microphone. We would recommend getting a gaming headset as they have proven to be the best quality for online teaching.