Meet Anele

Hey there! I’m Anele, an architectural student with a passion for teaching high school students. As a Wynberg Boys’ High School Old Boy and Old Faithful, I believe in giving back and making learning a fun and interactive experience. I use a unique blend of a flipped classroom and active learning style, making lessons exciting and engaging.

My journey through architecture so far has honed my creativity, which I love to share with my students in many exciting ways. I wear various hats – from school transport driver to basketball coach – all in the pursuit of connecting with and impacting the youth. You’ll find my approach to teaching is social and approachable because I believe that learning should be as enjoyable as it is informative.

More than just a tutor; I’m a fellow learner, always eager to make new connections and learn from the people I meet. So, if you’re ready to explore learning with a twist of fun and creativity, let’s embark on this learning journey together!”

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2 November, 2023

Top Tier Tutors

Top Tier Tutors