Meet Joseph

Hi! I am Joseph, and I am currently pursuing my postgraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at Stellenbosch University. Tutoring is a passion of mine that began when I was a high school student, aiding fellow students in improving their grades.

Through my studies in engineering, I have gained a deep understanding of mathematics and its applications in real life. I have experience in tutoring undergraduate and high school students through my work with tutoring organizations, as well as institutions like Stellenbosch University. My teaching style is a hands-on approach that ensures students practice questions and get instant feedback.

Outside of tutoring and my work, I am a passionate basketball player and an avid sports fan. I aspire to become a cricket umpire as I would like to have an impact on cricket at some level.

I am more than a tutor but someone who understands how students operate, so let us kick-start our journey, get those grades up, and chase those goals together.

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20 January, 2024

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