Meet Katiso

I’m Katiso, your dedicated high school tutor. With a background in Civil Engineering and years of practical experience, I bring a unique perspective to tutoring.

My expertise goes beyond subject matter, allowing me to help you excel academically, prepare effectively for exams, and gain practical insights into a wide range of topics. I’m passionate about bridging theory with practicality, enhancing your learning experience to make it both engaging and effective. Let’s work together to achieve your academic goals and unleash your full potential.

Currently, I’m pursuing my Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, building upon a solid foundation with a Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Cape Town. My academic journey has equipped me with a strong analytical mindset and problem-solving skills that I’m eager to share with you.
I believe that sharing a bit of personal insight can make our learning journey more relatable and enjoyable.

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11 October, 2023

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