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Hi! I’m Klarize, a BCom Law student at Stellenbosch University. I matriculated with 5 distinctions, with maths being my highest. I took part in the Mathematics Olympiad, making it through the first 2 rounds.

I attended an international school for 7 years, where I perfected my English speaking abilities. My tutoring career started in grade 11 when I tutored maths and physics to younger students. However, I’ve enjoyed helping other students since a much younger age.

Because of my experience living abroad and attending different schools, I’m passionate about teaching with a flexible, open-minded approach, explaining the reasoning behind the content. I love listening to music as well as making it, by playing piano or singing. I enjoy going for runs and spending time with friends and family. I tend to be more introverted, unless it comes to things I’m passionate about and explaining them to other people. I hope to connect with more students by learning about their subjects together!
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14 May, 2024

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