Get to know more about us.

Top Tier Tutors is a locally owned and managed tutoring business dedicated to achieving excellence through hard work and reliability. We are committed to providing personalised service to both families and tutors.

What makes our teams special

Our tutoring team comprises of experienced tutors with a genuine passion for teaching and helping learners grow. Each tutor undergoes a rigorous three-step selection process, to ensure they meet our stringent criteria. As a result, our tutors each bring their own unique set of skills and teaching styles to the table, enabling them to leverage all available resources to create insightful and valuable learning experiences for each student.

How we can help you.

Our industry-leading online teaching platform offers one-on-one private lessons and real time tech support. Parents or students can effortlessly create a profile, book or reschedule lessons and attend them all through a single online platform, from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with a stable internet connection. All lessons are priced at an affordable 50-minute rate that varies depending on the grade level of each session. Please use the promo code “FIRSTFREE100” at checkout to enjoy your first lesson on us.

We look forward to having you join our fun-learning, fast-growing community!