Find A Reader or scribe

We offer readers and scribes to learners who have completed the necessary assessments facilitated by an Educational Psychologist and been granted concession approval by the Department of Education.

Certified and Experienced readers and scribes

Readers and scribes assist learners during test and exam periods when learners need additional support. Some learners require a reader, some a scribe and other learners require both. Our readers and scribes are also certified prompters and are able to take on the role of an invigilator too. 


In order for a learner to make use of a reader or scribe they are required to be assessed by an educational physologist who will determine what their concession allows for. We recommend starting this process well in advance in order to ensure permission is granted before the test or exam period starts and allows time to secure a reader or scribe too.


We have a reading and scribing team in both Cape Town and Stellenbosch, If you would like to request a reader or scribe, kindly complete and submit the adjacent form. We will then contact you directly to chat about the next steps moving forward.