Become A Reader or scribe

Readers and scribes assist learners with granted concessions during test and exam periods.

Help learners confidently perform during tests and exams

Readers and scribes assist learners during test and exam periods when learners need additional support. Some learners require a reader, some a scribe and other learners require both. Once certified, readers and scribes will also be able to take on the role of a prompter.


We have reading and scribing teams in both Cape Town and surrounding areas as well as in Gauteng. In order to become certified as a reader and a scribe you will have to attend a formal training session facilitated by the WCED. Once complete, you will be able to assist all learners with granted concessions.


If you would like to apply to become a reader or scribe, kindly complete and submit the adjacent form. We will then contact you directly to chat about the next steps moving forward.


Kindly note that by continuing this application to join our reading and scribing team you acknowledge that the certification you’ll receive through us will be added to your profile, but a hard copy will not be given to you. This is because all readers and scribes who join our team and attend training through our affiliation are contracted to use that certification within our network of customers only.